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Dental Marketing Budget Ideas

How Much Does It Cost?

Based on our research, an hourly digital marketing rate typically ranges between $35 and $50

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Dental Marketing Budget Ideas

What Is The Charge?

Our Charge Is Simple!

Initially, we work based on a monthly rate. We choose hourly rates because of transparency. Yes, we want to ensure your every penny is utilized. Different services have different aspects.
We will monitor your business, services, advertising campaigns, competitors, and whatever your needs are. Let you know how many hours you need to work on your campaign and then we’ll send you a quote.

Contact us with your query, and we will send a quotation.

Dental Implant Marketing

The Cost Of Dental Marketing In 2023

ServiceHourly RateAverage Time
Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising$25 to $35 an hour1-2 hours per day
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)$20 an hour2-3 hours per day
Social Media Marketing$15 to $20 an hour1-2 hours per day
Website Design$50 an hour9-10 pages of the website take 12-15 hours
On-Page SEO$35 an hour
Website Maintenance$35 an hour
Website Copywriting$25 per 1000 words

How Much Do Other Companies Charge?

how much do dentists spend on marketing

We Offer Affordable Rates For Dental Practices. Our Rates Are Based On The Cost Of Living In Asia and Are Significantly Lower Than Those Charged By Most Agencies.

If You’re Interested In Our Services, Please Contact Us For More Information And We’ll Be Happy To Help You With High Priority.

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